Accessibility Ontario


Dawson Dental Centres Accessibility Ontario Policy

Dawson Dental’s policy is to provide its services in a manner that respects the dignity and independence of persons with disabilities in an integrated environment.  In order to achieve this, Dawson will implement the following:

  • all team members will receive accessibility training during their probationary period
  • reference material will be made available to our patients and team members
  • our offices will accommodate the assistive devices required by those with disabilities to assist in their access to our services


1.      Accessibility training provided to existing and new team members

2.      Documents that will be available:

a.      Policies, procedures and practices

b.      Use of service animals and support persons

c.      Steps taken to provide a notice of temporary disruption

d.      When and how training is provided

e.      Feedback process

3.      Post notification in the offices and on our website that the documents listed above are available and provide them in a format serviceable to the person requesting them

4.      Submit reports as required by the Ontario Ministry of Community & Social Services

5.      Maintain record of completed training on an ongoing basis


  • Accommodate accessibility devices at all locations
  • Raise awareness and Implement the accessibility principles: dignity, independence, integration and equal opportunity on a daily basis
  • Update interruption notices as required
  • Update policies and procedures when changes are required
  • Review and respond to feedback and consider methods in which they may be implemented, if applicable

Use of Service Animals and Support Persons

All service animals and supports persons will be accommodated at all Dawson locations.

Feedback Process

  • Available on Dawson website’s home page
  • Monitored by Dawson’s Contact Centre and forwarded to the appropriate Manager
  • Review and respond to feedback using a method of communication which takes into consideration the submitter’s disability, if applicable

Temporary Disruptions

  • Notifications are available via Dawson’s website home page and/or office entrance in the instance that it is necessary to close the office
  • Unexpected disruptions will be posted in the same manner and patients contacted directly via telephone and e-mail
  • Notice will include the affected location, the reason for the disruption and the length of the disruption (if this information is available at the time of posting the notice)
  • A secondary office location will be provided on the notice if the schedule is able to accommodate the additional appointments



DUE TO                                                                                   , OUR OFFICE IS UNEXPECTEDLY CLOSED.

WE EXPECT TO RE-OPEN AT:                                                                                                                                                                    



Training Process

  • Training resources are made available to the office managers for further distribution to their existing and/or new team member(s) for their review.  Included will be Dawson’s Accessibility policies, procedures and practices.
  • During their probationary period, the team member will complete the Awareness Quiz and Test Your Knowledge
  • Upon completion, the office manager will provide Human Resources with the team member(s) name and a copy of their completed quiz and test for reporting and personnel file purposes