Four Reasons to use your Dental Benefits

You’ve spent the whole year paying into your insurance.  You’ve worked hard and earned your dental benefits, so don’t let them slip away without using them before the end of 2014. 1. Yearly Maximums Your dental plan gives you a … Continue reading

What does the opposite sex really want from us when it comes to physical looks?

If you were thinking beaming tan, skinny legs, big arms or a six pack of abs – you’re mistaken.  Research shows that what really gets the hearts of the opposite sex racing is a great smile! As a Dentist – … Continue reading

Dental Questions with Dawson’s Hanover Dentist Dr. Grundy

Dr. Derek Grundy is one of Dawson’s newest dentist’s. Dr. Grundy and his team at Grundy Family Dental Care located in both Hanover, ON and Lucknow, ON are ready to cater to all your family oral health needs. Having recently … Continue reading

Dental Questions with Guelph Dentist Dr. Nessim

We sat down with Guelph Dentist to ask him a few questions about how he translates his love for dentistry into an exceptional patient experience. Dr. Michael Nessim has been practicing at Dawson Dental Centre Guelph North with Dr. Gelfand since 2010. Q: If you … Continue reading

Snoring + 13 Other Symptoms of Sleep Apnea

If you find yourself falling asleep while watching television, as a passenger in the car, or after eating lunch without alcohol, you could be suffering from Sleep Apnea. What is Sleep Apnea? There are two types of Sleep Apnea, the … Continue reading

To Take X-Rays or Not Take X-Rays?! – That is the Question

The short answer: To take x-rays!   The long Answer: To take x-rays, and it’s important too understand why. Below is a look at the different types of dental x-rays and why they are critical to your oral health Digital dental x-rays, … Continue reading