Invisalign Teen®

What is Invisalign Teen?

Why Teens Choose Invisalign TeenInvisalign Teen straightens your teeth with a series of custom-made clear aligners, rather than using traditional metal bands, brackets, and wires, which are obvious and sometimes painful. The aligners are comfortable, practically invisible, and also removable. Invisalign Teen was developed with leading orthodontists. And it works – over one million patients worldwide (including Justin Bieber) have made Invisalign their clear choice.

What is the difference between Invisalign and Invisalign Teen?

When Invisalign was introduced, parents were concerned about whether or not their kids would wear their aligners because they conveniently come out for brushing, eating, etc. Now teens don’t have to worry about embarrassing metal braces in their yearbook photos or Facebook profiles. The only difference between Invisalign and Invisalign Teen is that Invisalign Teen has blue-to-clear colour-changing aligners to show how long each aligner has been worn. Also, six free replacement aligners are provided in case some are lost or broken.

Why do people choose Dawson Dental for Invisalign treatment?

  • 0% financing for easy monthly payment plans
  • Treatment cases starting as low as $1,995
  • Customized treatment costs
  • We charge your insurance company directly for your treatment
  • E-mail/text message appointment reminders
  • View your animated progress on-line through our Dental Sesame system
  • Dr. Gelfand has been providing Invisible Braces since they were introduced over 10 years ago
  • Digital impressions – no goop, gagging or discomfort*

What to Expect

  1. You’ll meet with Dr. Gelfand to find out if Invisalign Teen is right for you.
  2. We’ll take some photos and take impressions of your teeth.
  3. Your photos and impressions will be digitized. Then, our Invisalign Provider will use 3D rendering to precisely plan your tooth movements from beginning to the end of your treatment, in order to fix your orthodontic issues.
  4. Based on your precise treatment plan, clear aligners will be made to custom fit your teeth.
  5. You’ll wear your aligners for about 20-22 hours everyday, except to eat, brush, and floss, or to go to a special event.
  6. Approximately every two weeks, you’ll swap your old aligners for new ones.  the aligners will gently and continuously move your teeth until they are in their final postition. You can watch your transormation online with your personal site login information.
What it treats:

The Invisalign Teen system can treat a broad range of dental and orthodontic conditions, which, in the past, were usually treated with traditional braces:

• Overly crowded teeth
• Widely spaced teeth
• Crossbite
• Overbite
• Underbite

For Parents

For parents considering braces for their kidsWelcome. Chances are good that you’re here because your teen is interested in getting the Invisalign Teen™ system. We know it’s an important decision and one for which you’ll want the right information.

We thought that seeing stories from other parents would be helpful for you. Tune in to see how Invisalign has helped their teens.

Invisalign Before and After Photos

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Dawson Dental and Invisalign In The News…

Dawson Dental and Invisalign Teen in Spa Life MagazineInvisalign Teen – Spa Life Magazine

…Luckily for Grace she found the Dawson Dental Centre in Guelph, Ontario and Dr. Gelfand quickly put her fears to rest. He told her about Invisalign and how she could go on living her life as a teenager without the embarrassment of steel braces or a large plastic mouth guard. Dr. Gelfand is an Invisalign Premier Elite Provider who has been providing Invisalign care for over ten years now…


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