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Our Toronto Dentists have transformed thousands of smiles.

Your smile is one of the first and most important things people notice about you. It is a reflection of many things … a joy in life, esteem, self-confidence, even strength of character. It can also portray personal insecurity, stress, or premature ageing. The impact that a dazzling smile can have on your life in the twenty first century is immeasurable!

We live in a competitive and beauty-conscious society, where a pleasing appearance can mean the difference between success and failure in both our personal and professional lives. At the center of appearance, pleasing or not, is your smile. Vanity is no longer a bad word when it comes to improving or enhancing your oral health. Enhancing your smile is just another way to present yourself in the best light possible, as you will look good and feel good. Dentistry can now help in this pursuit.

As you get older, teeth get shorter, discoloured, chipped, and worn – all the factors that contribute to an aged-looking smile. Cosmetic dentistry’s role in looking younger is often under-estimated. We can take years off your smile, and thereby greatly enhance your overall appearance.

There are many procedures that can be performed to enhance your smile, your self-esteem, and your personal success. Often we can even improve your smile in just a few days! Ask us about our one-week smile makeover.

At Dawson, we strive to provide you with the cosmetic smile makeover that grants you the natural looking white, straight smile you’ve always dreamed of.

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“New Advances in the area on in-office whitening systems allow us to create faster, cheaper results with decreased sensitivity, or no sensitivity at all” – Dr. Edward Gelfand, DMD

Before & After Photos

Missing Teeth - Spaced Teeth - Crooked & Misshapen Teeth

Worn Teeth - Broken/Chipped Teeth - Old Dental Work

Missing Teeth 

Spaced Teeth

Crooked & Misshapen Teeth

Worn Teeth

Broken/Chipped Teeth

Old Dental Work

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