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Makkar Athletics Sport Mouthguards

Makkar Athletics Group Inc., founded by Dr. Anil Makkar, is a company focused on improving athletic performance. Makkar Athletics is dedicated to the principles of neuromuscular science and to applying that science to deliver game changing products and services.

The Makkar PPM is a sports appliance that is custom-made to fit the user by certified dentists using sophisticated computer technology. By aligning the jaw to its optimal resting position, the Makkar PPM has been shown to unleash instant improvements in strength, explosive speed, balance and agility – all vital components of athletic performance.

Since its launch in 2006, the Makkar PPM has made strides within the ranks of professional, collegiate and amateur athletes alike. The company now enjoys an impressive and growing stable of athletes using the PPM including All-Pro NFL Athletes PGA Golfers, NBA All-Stars, MLB Batting Champs, as well as World Champion boxers and mixed martial artists (MMA).

Who is Using the PPM?

There are currently a number of professional and collegiate athletes from around the world wearing the PPM devices includingTerrell Owens, Dallas Cowboys; Shaq currently with the Cleveland Cavaliers, Michael Redd of the Milwaukee Bucks, as well as Scott McCarron, PGA golfer, and the list continues to grow. All of them relate about that the device has helped them train smarter, play harder and perform better.

Results vary from person to person, depending on the varying degrees of stability their jaws muscles have to begin with. Because the PPM helps to stabilize the jaw and neck muscles and to protect against muscle weakness, there is an immediate improvement in strength and balance. The PPM doesn’t make people stronger than they already are, but it does help release your natural or native strength. Significant improvements in range-of-motion and balance are also noticed when the PPM is used during athletic activity or in strength training and conditioning exercising.





PPM can only be provided by a PPM-Certified Neuromuscular Dentist.