Dental Fees & Financing Options

Our fees generally follow the Ontario Dental Association fee guide, and reflect the quality of care you receive and the training we have invested in. At Dawson Dental, we take the time to educate ourselves in the latest dental techniques and treatments so you can receive a higher level of dental care that today’s technology provides.

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Dental Treatment


Fee Range/Cost

Consultation 30-minute smile analysis, discovery of best options, show ‘after’ photo, view videos, etc. FREE     (see x-ray fees, as these may be necessary)
Fluoride Strengthen natural tooth enamel. $25
Polish Remove tooth surface staining. $35
Cleaning For patients who brush and floss regularly and visit their hygienist every six months. $110-$165
Deep Cleaning and Gum Therapy For patients whose home-care is weak and they haven’t been to a hygienist in over 18 months. $165-$220*
Oral Cancer Screening Visual and tactile examination of the patient’s mouth for lesions. $39
Extraction Simple or complicated removal of an adult tooth. $133-$209 (fee varies based on the complexity of the extraction)
Fillings Repair cavities with tooth coloured fillings.(colour shade is matched with your teeth) From $128 (fee based on the tooth and the severity of the filling)
X-Rays Full set of the entire mouth (excluding panoramic x-ray). Dentist can use these as a microscopic view of specific areas in the mouth so they can provide an early detection of decay. $123-132
Panoramic X-Rays Provides Dentist with a radiographic image of the patient’s jaw and sinus structure. Allows the provider to see the TMJ, wisdom teeth position and a full view of how the teeth an interrelated in the patient’s mouth. $63
New Patient exam (adult) Dentist provides a comprehensive exam of the patient’s mouth. A full set of x-rays is utilized (see x-ray costs above). $129
New Patient exam (child)  Dentist provides a comprehensive exam of the child’s mouth. A portion of the full set of x-rays is utilized (see x-ray costs above). $65
New Patient exam (child) primary and adult/permanent teeth Dentist provides a comprehensive exam of the child’s mouth. A portion of the full set of x-rays is utilized (see x-ray costs above). $97
Root Canal Therapy After an infection has been treated with antibiotics, the nerve is removed and replaced with a tooth coloured filling. Download Dentistry Information Guide
Snap-On Smile Perfect solution for missing, misshapen, worn, crooked or discoloured teeth. Can replace a partial denture. $1,295 per arch (upper or lower)     Download Cosmetic Dentistry Information Guide to compare with Lumineers and Visage Veneers
Zoom Professional teeth whitening to whiten up to eight shades. Whitening is a stronger concentration than over-the-counter touch-ups. $399     Download Teeth Whitening Information Guide to compare to over-the-counter and take-home whitening
Porcelain Crowns  Tooth coloured porcelain crown is inserted to protect the longevity of a tooth that has been worn down, treated for a root canal, chipped or cracked. Download Dentistry Information Guide
Dental Bridges Bridge added between two or more teeth to maintain bite/occlusion and replace missing teeth. Download Cosmetic Dentistry Information Guide to compare with dental implants
Visage Veneers Strong hand-made porcelain veneers that are cemented to your natural tooth. They are custom stained to match your teeth and their natural appearance blends perfectly with the rest of your smile. Download Cosmetic Dentistry Information Guide
Immediate Dental Implants Placement of a dental implant with the strong possibility that the dentist can provide a crown over the implant the same-day it is inserted. Download Cosmetic Dentistry Information GuideUtilize the medical tax credit for dental implants through the Canada Revenue Agency to regain up to 20% of your dental investment.
TMJ Therapy Treatment for tempomadibular jaw joint disorder that entails TENS machine therapy and an orthotic depending on the severity of the case. Download TMJ Therapy Information Guide (coming soon) Call us for a quote.
Invisalign Invisible Braces Clear aligners that straighten the patient’s teeth gradually. Each aligner is changed every two weeks and may require additional attachments to get the tooth movement necessary to straighten the teeth. As low as $1,995.    Download Invisalign Information Guide for complete details.
Smile Makeover This can entail a single tooth restoration, full smile restoration or even a full mouth reconstruction. Treatments include porcelain crowns, visage veneers, immediate implants or invisalign invisible braces. Starting from $1,500     Download Cosmetic Dentistry Information Guide
Snoring Appliance The Silencer – used to reposition the lower jaw during sleep. The jaw is gently held in a position forward of the normal biting position and acts to pull the tongue forward and out of the airway. $1,900
*There is no additional charge for adjustments or checks for three months following delivery of the appliance.


*Additional cleanings may be required if the patient has not had professional hygiene care for multiple years combined with a weak home-care program.


Dental Financing

Want a million dollar smile, but don’t have the Hollywood paycheque to pay for it?

At last, a financing option with no interest. No kidding!

We help make your dental care easily affordable through convenient financing. This allows you to pay for your treatment in low monthly payments to fit your budget.

Visit one of our offices today to apply! It only takes a few minutes and there are no commitments.

Dental Financing FAQs

How do I apply?

Once you have your treatment cost finalized at our dental office, we will fill out your application together on-line. Within seconds you’ll know if you’re approved.

Do I have to pay a deposit?

No, a deposit is not required for this program.

Can I pay for a portion of the treatment myself and apply for the remainder?

Yes. When applying with HealthSmart Financial a limit is not requested. Instead, an available amount is offered. You can use whatever is available to you within one year of your application.

How can I qualify for this program?

Approval is based on your credit history, housing status and employment status which will be determined once you have applied.

Can I pay off my account before the term ends?

Yes, there are no pre-payment penalties. 24/7 access to your account will allow you to make payments anytime, anywhere.

Will applying hurt my credit rating?

Yes and no. If your credit rating is checked more than four times a year you may be affected, but most people do not have a need to check their rating more than four times annually.

Can I apply and use my credit for any members of my family?

Yes, anyone in your immediate family may use your available credit.

I’m concerned I won’t be approved.

We hear that a lot. However, over 70% of our applications are approved because the financing company factors more than just your credit rating into their decision.