Pricing & Offers

Dental Exam (Adult)$131Download Guide
Dental Exam (Child)$66Download Guide
Hygiene Cleaning (Adult)Starting at $144Download Guide
Hygiene Cleaning (Child)Starting at $116Download Guide
Dental FillingStarting at $131Download Guide
Dental CrownStarting at $1,095Download Guide
Simple ExtractionStarting at $136Download Guide
Invisalign BracesAverage - $3,900Download Guide
Dental Implant Starting at $950Download Guide
*Please note that these dental fees are only an estimate and may differ slightly from location to location. The best case scenario is to reserve your free consultation with one of our dentists.

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Dental Fees & Financing Options

Our fees generally follow the Ontario Dental Association fee guide and reflect the quality of care you receive and the training we have invested in. Dawson Dental Centre, accept assignment of benefits (insurance company pays dental office directly) from most insurance companies. If you have dental benefits, we will collect the copayment, which is the amount not paid for by your dental insurance. We accept all major credit cards, direct deposit, cash and offer third party, 0% financing.

To learn more about dental terms visit our Common Dental FAQ page.

Dental Benefits

Although we are happy to help you to maximize your benefits coverage, our treatment plans are based on your needs, not on what your benefits cover. Approximately 50% of people do not have dental benefit coverage. Some insurance companies offer 100% coverage based on a previous year’s fee guide.  The outcome is less than 100% coverage on the dental services you receive. We would be pleased to assist you in submitting pre-determinations for confirmation of coverage prior to treatment.  Furthermore, insurance benefit companies will occasionally request additional information or decline coverage.  If this has happened, our team will gladly assist you in challenging your case.

Dental Financing FAQs

How do I apply for Dental Financing?

Once you have your treatment cost finalized at our dental office, we will fill out your application together online. Within seconds you’ll know if you’re approved.

Do I have to pay a deposit?

No, a deposit is not required for this program.

Can I pay for a portion of the treatment myself and apply for the remainder?

Yes. When applying with HealthSmart Financial a limit is not requested. Instead, an available amount is offered. You can use whatever is available to you within one year of your application.

How can I qualify for the program?

Approval is based on your credit history, housing status and employment status which will be determined once you have applied.

Can I pay off my account before the term ends?

Yes, there are no prepayment penalties. 24/7 access to your account will allow you to make payments anytime, anywhere.

Will applying hurt my credit rating?

Yes and no. If your credit rating is checked more than four times a year you may be affected, but most people do not have a need to check their rating more than four times annually.

Can I apply and use my credit for any members of my family?

Yes, anyone in your immediate family may use your available credit.

I’m concerned I won’t be approved for Dental Financing.

We hear that a lot. However, over 70% of our applications are approved because the financing company factors more than just your credit rating into their decision.