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Tips to include Dental Health into 2015

new year resolutions 2015It’s that time of year again! 2015 is just around the corner and you might be starting to think about your New Year resolution. Some of the most common resolutions are:

1. Being more organized
2. Quit smoking
3. Eating healthy
4. Getting fit and losing weight
5. Save more and spend less

Do any of these sound familiar? I thought so! More and more research is showing direct links between your dental and overall health. Why not use this opportunity to incorporate your dental health into your 2015 resolution? Below are four ways to help you incorporate your oral health and stick to your goals.

Quit smoking – Kicking the habit to the curb in 2015? Be sure to make sure those yellow stains follow suit with ZOOM! whitening. This one-hour in office teeth whitening treatment is the fastest way to help say goodbye the yellow stains, smoking leaves behind.

Dental Implants Free InformationEating healthy – Eating a well balanced diet is tricky enough but, it’s even harder if you have trouble chewing or missing teeth. Did you know that when teeth are lost, the bone in your jaw that used to surround them begins to deteriorate? Dental implants have been offered as a permanent solution for over three decades. They are fixed permanently in your jaw. They look, feel and function just like natural teeth.

Weight loss – Taking up a new fitness plan at home or the gym to shift those unwanted pounds. Why not consult with your Dawson dentist to shift your smile at the same time? By using Invisalign Invisible Braces our dentists can straighten your smile without orthodontic wires or brackets. Clear, removable aligners will ease your transition and keep you feeling confident.

new year, new you

Saving money – Looking to pay off debt or saving for a big trip in 2015? We know that trips to the dentist can be costly but did you know that regular preventative trips to the dentist can actually save you money in long run? Annual hygiene and checkup visits, early detection and prevention are key. Fluoride rinses and even a small filling will save you from spending more on a major dental problem (like a tooth extraction or root canal) down the road.

At Dawson Dental we offer FREE consultations. Be sure to schedule your next appointment with one of our Dawson dentists and we’ll help you make 2015 the year to show off your healthy teeth and amazing smile!

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