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Benefits Of Regular Flossing

5 Benefits Of Regular Flossing

Flossing can seem like a chore. At the end of a long day, we’ve brushed our teeth, washed our face, we just want to get into bed and get enough rest for the following day, we promise ourselves we will floss tomorrow morning. Regular flossing is an extra task, but it is one that pays dividends. Talk to any oral health professional and you will find unanimous agreement–flossing is important. Below are five benefits of regular flossing.

Flossing and brushing are more effective than brushing alone. Brushing your teeth twice a day is important to clean the sticky plaque and stains that can build up on your teeth throughout the day. But a toothbrush has one major drawback: The bristles can’t effectively get in between your teeth and up into your gums. Only flossing can do this and flossing after you brush ensures you are getting the most out of your oral hygiene routine.

Flossing protects your gums. The place where the gums meet the teeth are where flossing really comes into play. Plaque and tartar buildup in these areas can lead to gingivitis and inflammation of the gums, which, in addition to being unsightly, can present a whole host of other oral health problems in the future including periodontitis – severe gum disease which can lead to tooth decay and even bone loss.

Flossing can save you money. Fillings, and most dental work, is not cheap. You are paying for the expertise of a trained dentist and that costs money. Flossing on a regular basis means that you are doing everything in your power to keep up your oral health and that will hopefully mean less dental work in the future, and less money spent on it.

Flossing can prevent other diseases. Tooth and gum disease can have much farther reaching health consequences than just discoloured teeth and bad breath. Research has shown that bacteria that flourishes in the mouth are capable of leading to heart disease, diabetes and respiratory illness.

Flossing prevents tartar buildup. You know that unpleasant part of your regular dental cleaning where the dentists takes the sharp metal instrument and scrapes away at the edges of your teeth? They are removing tartar buildup. By flossing regularly, you help eliminate tartar, and cut down on the amount of time your dental hygienist needs to be poking and scraping away.

Being good a flossing is something that comes with practice. Incorporate it into your daily oral health regimen and it will quickly become something that doesn’t take a lot of time and which you can feel good about, knowing you are helping to protect your mouth, your wallet and the rest of your body. If you find yourself debating whether or not you should floss tonight, keep in mind the above 5 benefits of regular flossing.

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