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Loose Dental Bridge Symptoms

5 Symptoms Of A Loose Dental Bridge

Oftentimes, when an implant supported crown becomes loose, the problem is related to the attachment connecting the crown and the implant. The attachment is known as an abutment and may have become dislodged over a long period of time. You may not notice this process taking place, but it can be important to learn the symptoms of a loose dental bridge, to ensure a swift and seamless treatment resolution. In this latest post, we’ll look at five symptoms of a loose dental bridge.

  1. Moves when Touched

    When a dental bridge has loosened over time, it begins to move slightly when touched with either the fingers or the tongue. If you’ve had a dental bridged placed over ten years ago, it can loosen through use. You may find that it moves when you’re eating or drinking. This can be problematic and can lead to the development of decay under the loose area of the bridge.

  2. Sensitivity

    Tooth sensitivity can occur when a dental bridge has become loose. The sensitivity is the result of the bridge and the connected elements constantly touching one part of the tooth or gum areas. If not addressed through professional treatment, this can eventually lead to further decay and significant tooth issues.

  3. Bite Issues

    Bite problems can occur in patients with a dental bridge that has become loose. You may be more sensitive to the movement in your mouth, or you may be simply unable to grasp the food properly in the affected part of your mouth. This is more of a frustrating issue than a health problem, but you must speak with your dental health provider to learn more on the cause of your bite problems.

  4. Discomfort

    In addition to the pain and sensitivity, you might feel a sense of discomfort within your mouth, as if your teeth don’t quite fit in the same way as before. This might make it more difficult to communicate or it could make you more likely to hide your mouth in social situations.

  5. Bad Taste in the Mouth

    A bad taste in your mouth could be a clear indicator there’s something wrong with your dental bridge. This could be related to food lodged between the bridge and other teeth or it could be due to decaying teeth under the bridge area.

By alerting your dental health professional to any of these symptoms, you can ensure a swift resolution to problems with loose dental bridges. To learn more, call our office team today!

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