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healthy white smile

A Healthy, Attractive Smile Is Classic!

Today it seems that every glamorous cover girl – or guy – is flaunting big, square, dazzlingly white teeth … the essential fashion accessory! The surprise is that the same white, flawless smiles are showing up everywhere you go.

Most of us are too savvy to buy into every passing fad, but it’s clear that something’s going on. There’s no denying that a big, white smile is youthful and attractive, and sends out a message of health and vitality. But there’s nothing new in that. So, why now?

It could be because dentistry has improved and expanded the number of techniques and products available to enhance both appearance and oral health, which means that many people – including you – now have access to affordable, non-surgical treatments that can transform smiles. Here are two popular smile improvers.

Teeth whitening

can be done reliably and conveniently with our dentist-supervised at-home whitening kit. Your whitening trays are customized for a perfect fit and we ensure the whitening product is right for you.


are paper-thin, ultra-strong translucent shells that can be applied to the surface of one or more teeth to both whiten and re-shape your smile. They can be used to close gaps, correct chips, or smooth out a crowded-looking smile.

And as for those big, square teeth? Fashion comes and goes … but a healthy, attractive smile is classic.

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