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Brooke’s Smile Makeover Update!

In June 2014 Aurora, Ontario’s own Brooke Harrison’s life changed for the better. She received news that she had won a $25,000 Smile Makeover from Dr. Edward Gelfand, owner of Dawson Dental Centres. Brooke entered our Community Care smile makeover contest after seeing an ad online.

Here’s an update from Brooke herself:

invislaign-smile-transformationIt’s official! I’ve hit the half way mark for my smile makeover !!! It’s hard to believe the dramatic change in my smile already! At the start of my treatment, my friends and family didn’t believe that I even had the trays on, nor did they believe that a plastic tray could straighten my teeth. Now 23 weeks into my Invisalign invisible braces  journey, there is no doubt in anyone’s mind that a plastic tray can indeed create monumental change! For me personally, seeing the changes in my smile has absolutely created more self-confidence and I am so excited for the coming weeks and months as the changes become more pronounced and visible.

 Prior to this experience, I can honestly say that going to the Dentist was not on the top of my list of fun things to do, but Dr. Gelfand and the entire Dawson Dental Team are so incredibly kind and patient that I look forward to every appointment! To say that that I am thankful to have been selected for this once in a lifetime opportunity would be a drastic understatement, yet it is hard to find the words to adequately describe my gratitude and appreciation. So at the risk of sounding redundant, thank you so much for making me happy with my smile today, and excited for the smile I will see in the mirror looking back at me in another 38 weeks!

A trailer for her smile makeover video:

Brooke is just one of the thousands of smiles Dr. Gelfand and his team have straighten through Invisalign. Don’t wait any longer to get the straight smile you deserve – reserve your FREE Invisalign consultation before April 30th, 2015 and you’ll save $500 off your own personal smile makeover.

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