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Canada’s Best Celebrity Smiles

Brighten your day … and the day of others around you … by flashing a big smile. Check out the dazzling smiles on some of these well-known Canadian Celebrities.

Justin Bieber








“As long as you love me”, he’ll keep smiling.

Shania Twain








When does Shania Twain start smiling? “From This Moment On”.

Christine Sinclair









This Olympic bronze medal soccer champion and female athlete of the year kicks it up with a big smile.

 Sidney Crosby










On or off the ice, Sid the Kid always scores.

 Carly Rae Jepsen










Want to make Carly smile? “Call me maybe.”

Jennifer Jones








You’ll have to hurry hard to keep up with this curling champion who smiles when she’s not calling the ice for her teammates.











Famed hip-hop artist Drake is known for hit songs like “Best I Ever Had” and “Take Care”, and a dazzling smile.

 Rachel McAdams










With a string of successful movies to her credit, actress Rachel McAdams usually has a smile on her face.

Tracy Moore










As host of Cityline, Canada’s longest running lifestyle show, Tracy is known for her contagious smile, easy laugh and love of fashion, fitness and all things shoe-related.

 Jim Carrey










Whether he’s playing a goofy Pet Detective or a dimwit in Dumb and Dumber, actor comedian Jim Carrey never fails to flash his trademark smile.

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