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Soft, medium or hard: Which toothbrush is best?

Which type of toothbrush is best – soft, medium or hard? In this article we are answering

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♬ All we want for Christmas is a healthy smile for you ♬

Christmastime is here! And with this season come festivities including carolling, watching Christmas movies, and attending mass

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Ouch! 5 emergency dental care tips while waiting to see your dentist

In life, sometimes you will encounter a dental emergency. There are ways to avoid injuring your teeth,

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5 ways of getting much whiter teeth

Everyone wants a whiter smile. As you age, due to many factors like coffee and wine stains,

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How pregnancy affects your dental health

For a pregnant woman, the biggest myth is that you shouldn’t visit a dentist during your pregnancy.

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What is your keto diet doing to your oral health?

Does the keto diet affect your teeth? Yes, it does. ‘Everything in moderation’, goes the age old

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How to Get Rid of Bad Breath for Good: A Complete Guide to Causes and Prevention
Finding Better Dental Tools to Clean Mature Teeth
Real Men, Real Health Talk: June is Men’s Health Month
Dental Implant Success: The Do’s and Don’ts of Recovery
Recognizing an Abscess in the Teeth or Gums

  From infants to seniors, anyone can experience an abscess in their teeth or gums. It’s never

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When Do You Need Emergency Dental Care?

It’s great to have regular dentist visits, but sometimes issues arise that can’t wait until the next

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