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Cavities: Not Just Child’s Play, Adults are Just as Prone

A common belief is that cavities are “just for kids.” Not so! Adults are likely to experience cavities just as children are, even if they have never had a cavity before! The fight against cavities is life-long for all ages!

Poor hygiene routines and poor eating habits can lead to the formation of bacteria on the teeth resulting in decay.

With ageing teeth, weakness of the crown and the exposure of tooth roots are perfect breeding grounds for bacteria that lead to cavity formation.

Decay can also set in around the edges of old fillings causing new cavities to form.

Patients who suffer from dry mouth are at greater risk for cavities and periodontal disease because saliva acts as a natural protector against bacteria formation.

Modern dental equipment helps us to find and treat problems more conservatively and earlier than waiting for symptoms such as pain and/or swelling to appear. In our practice, we use a laser decay finder to examine teeth to identify early decay formation inside the tooth before it presents on clinical or x-ray examination and before any pain is felt. The success rate for identifying decay not yet visible on x-rays using this device is 100%.

You can be pain-free and hold on to your natural teeth for your lifetime.

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