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CBC Marketplace Dental Episode Response: Tips on Lowering Your Dental Costs

CBC Marketplace is going to air an episode tonight called “Money Where Your Mouth Is”. The episode will show how one patient visits twenty dental offices, in Toronto and in Vancouver, with the same set of x-rays. Before her visits, she secretly receives a baseline diagnosis from two dentists at the University of Toronto to compare her findings.

Not surprisingly she received varying treatment plans from each provider. This is common in a lot of professions and is not necessarily a sign of foul play. In every industry there are of course bad apples, which is why it is important for patients to see a dentist that they can trust. If you’re not sure which dentist to choose, ask a friend, family member or colleague for a referral. When you have a significant treatment plan, we commonly see patients asking for a second or third opinion on their original diagnosis. This is a great way to educate yourself on the treatment required and ask questions about each recommendation.

After reviewing the CBC Marketplace forum comments, it is apparent that Canadians are curious who the ethical dentists were that were featured on the show. Although we do not know who all of the dentists were, we do know that Dr. Naila Ladha at Dawson Dental Rosedale was one of the dentists who had a similar treatment plan to the baseline U of T dentists because she has been in touch with the CBC Marketplace producer since the undercover patient visit.

In addition, we noticed in the forum comments that Canadians are very sensitive to dental fees. We’ve noticed that dental insurance coverage is decreasing or being eliminated for a lot of our patients due to the recession. We’re reaching out to help you learn more about improving their oral health while saving money at the dentist. Here are our suggestions:

Dawson Dentists Talk About How You Can Save Money At The Dentist

Dr. Edward Gelfand - President and Founder of Dawson Dental CentresDr. Edward Gelfand
Dawson Toronto Dentist

“Prevention instead of repair and restoration of teeth will cost an average of 20% over a lifetime. This means that you’ll save 80% by visiting a hygienist regularly instead avoiding the dentist.

Eating cheese, sugarless gum and fluoride treatment at the office are three things that will help keep cavities away.

Sealing deep grooves is cheaper than fixing the cavities that normally form there.

Local antibiotic application under the gums often prevents the need for gum surgery and is significantly cheaper. This antibiotic is known as Arestin, a non-surgical gum disease treatment.”

Dentist at Dawson Dental Centre TorontoDr. Naila Ladha
Dawson Toronto Dentist

“I always encourage my patients to spend time with me to discuss all of their possible treatment plan alternatives so that they can make an informed decision and choose the plan that best fits their budget.  We also offer financing options which become very helpful for patients with more extensive treatment plans.”


Dr. Jo-Anne Meyer
Dawson Newmarket & Aurora Dentist

“If you suspect that you are grinding your teeth while you sleep or if you’re experiencing jaw pain, chronic headaches or restricted jaw movements, we recommend a night guard. Otherwise, down the road, you may chip and/or shorten your teeth, create gum recession or notches that will potentially expose the nerve. These can lead to expensive restorations later that can be prevented.”


Dr. Nessim at Dawson Dental Centre - Guelph NorthDr. Michael Nessim
Dawson Guelph Dentist

Regular maintenance is cheaper than root canal therapy, so be proactive..

Don’t let your baby sleep with a bottle of anything other than water, even if it is milk , milk (formula, cow milk, breast milk ) has sugar and causes cavities as well. Start brushing your baby’s teeth as soon as they come out.”

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