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Dawson Dental Community Care Mission in Haiti with Dr. Edward Gelfand

In May 2013, Dr. Gelfand and Kim, a Dawson Dental Centre team member embarked on a community care dental mission in Haiti. Kimberley and her church partnered with Awaken Haiti – a comprehensive community development providing permanent homes for families, to provide medical and dental treatment and care, and create employment opportunities for Haitians.

For the first time in the community, dental care was provided that was so desperately needed.  Dental equipment that was donated and shipped to Haiti in December was used and further dental training was offered by Dr. Gelfand for Junior, a local,  who had been learning and doing some basic dental cleanings and dental fillings.  The community was very excited for Junior as he looked forward to furthering his skills and using them to serve his people!

To find out how you can help support this mission visit Awaken Haiti’s website.

Dawson Dental is very much a community-based business. Through the years we have seen how an enhanced and healthy smile improves one’s self esteem and confidence and contributes to overall good health. We created the Community Care Dental Program in 2009 to allow us to make these benefits available for those in need regardless of their financial situation. Since then, we have provided free dental care to residents in shelters, provided complete smile makeovers and collaborated with the Make a Wish Foundation. “If Dawson assists even one person in moving on with their lives through improved confidence and health, our program will be considered a success,” ~ Dr. Edward Gelfand.

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