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Dental Care for Seniors in Toronto

Looking for Dental Implants in Toronto?


Have you been searching for a Toronto dentist who provides dental implants in Toronto? Dr. Edward Gelfand provides various treatments including immediate dental implants, often referred to as tooth-in-a-day, and implant supported dentures.

Patients choose Dawson Dental for their immediate implants for these reasons:

  • Affordability
  • 0% financing
  • Same-day tooth placement opportunity for 25-35% of our patients
  • Minimized integration and healing time (6 weeks instead of 6 months)

For some patients, they opt to support their denture using mini dental implants. This is a another great option so you can continue eating a full diet including steak, corn on the cob and apples. The implants provide a solid support so the denture is locked into place and won’t drift as they sometimes do without the added support.


Did you know?

A recent dental study has revealed that people with full or partial dentures tend to eat more processed foods and higher levels of saturated fats and cholesterol. Conversely, people with a full set of teeth generally consume fewer calories and eat more vegetables and fiber with less cholesterol and saturated fats. Why? Scientists suggest that people who wear dentures may eat more to compensate for loss of taste or their inability to eat a variety of foods. The link between high cholesterol, high fat diets lacking in fiber, and increased risk of heart disease is well known and should be a concern for denture wearers.

Using Your CRA Medical Expense Tax Credit for Dental Implants

Many patients who are tax savvy, have utilized their medical expense tax credit provided by the Canada Revenue Agency. If you review their list of eligible medical expenses, you’ll find dental implants and dental expenses. We recommend reviewing this option as it could return 20% on your dental implant investment.



To schedule a free dental implant consultation, simply fill out our online form, or call 416-353-8444. We are located at 120 Bloor Street East in Toronto. For a complete list of our Dawson locations, visit our website.

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