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Scarborough Dentist Dr. Cohen

Dental Questions with Dawson’s Scarborough Dentist Dr. Cohen

Scarborough--dentist-Dr-Mark-Cohen-onlineWe sat down with Scarborough/ Toronto dentist Dr. Mark Cohen to ask a few questions about how he translates his love for dentistry into an exceptional patient experience. A  graduate from McGill University with both a Bachelor of Science Degree and a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree., Dr. Cohen and his team joined the Dawson family in August 2012.

Q: If you could have the smile of any Hollywood celebrity, whose would you want?
A: Denzel Washington

Q: What makes a great smile?
A: White, straight, natural teeth that really light up a person’s face!

Q: If time and money were no issue, what dental treatment would you give everyone?
A: I would love to provide dental implant replacement for every patient with missing teeth. Dental implants are a permanent way to help you get your confidence and smile back. Replacing a missing tooth is also important for avoiding bone loss and maintaining good oral health. The best part is that dental implants look just like your own natural teeth, so no one will know they’re implants. 


denzel-washington-picture-4Q: People often associate dentists with discomfort, but what is the greatest joy about being a dentist?
A: Being able to help a person suffering from severe dental issues so that they are able to chew with comfort and security.

Q: What is the funniest thing that has ever happened when you had someone in the chair?
A: I once had a patient who loved to pull practical jokes on me. I still think back on and laugh at the thought of some of them!

After years of falling for this patient’s jokes, I decided to play one of my own.  One day, when I was working on a deep cavity of his, I asked to be excused for a moment.  I went to my private office where I just happened to have an industrial drill.  I took the drill and returned to the room to “continue” excavating his deep cavity.  His face was priceless!

Q: What is the best piece of advice for someone who has a fear of going to the dentist?
A: Schedule a meet and greet.  Make an appointment just to see the office and meet the dental team.  You can sit down with the dentist and talk about any past negative dental experiences or current concerns that you have, without the pressure of doing any treatment that day.  It will be easier to come to the office without the pressure of any dental work planned.

Q:What’s the biggest myth about dentists?
A: That dentists make up their own fees for services.  In fact, each year the governing body for dentists in Ontario provides us with service fee guidelines.

Q: What would you say is the single best way people can save on dental costs?
A: Preventative maintenance.  Regular checkups and hygiene appointments really help to prevent and identify any issues before they get out of control.

Q: Tell us something about yourself that not everyone knows?
A: I really enjoy flying airplanes; I have both my Canadian and American airman certificates.

Q: How should people go about trying to find the best dentist?
A: Ask friends and family who they see and if they are happy.  Word of mouth is one of the most credible forms of advertising.

Q: What’s the single best thing you love about living & working in Scarborough/Toronto?
A: I love that we have easy access to everything and the cultural diversity of the city!

Q: Why did you pick Scarborough/ Toronto to start your practice in?
A: When I left Quebec, I was drawn by the dynamics of the city – the people, the culture, the food; it is a great place to live!

Q: If you were to pick the one thing that always makes you smile, what would it be?
A: An elderly couple, still in love, walking hand in hand.

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