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Your Dental Secret Revealed!

Admit it! We all do it! You wake up the morning of your dentist appointment and realize you haven’t flossed in months! You run to the bathroom, brush and floss your teeth, and brush one more time for good measure brush then you swish some mouthwash around. Phew!

You wipe away the sweat, savor your minty fresh breath and head to Dawson Dental, ready to show your dentist and hygienist just how well you take care of your teeth. Then the question comes; he or she asks how often you floss. “Why I flossed just this morning. I really like to floss!” you respond.

As the plaque and stains are being removed from your teeth you wonder if your white lie was bought. At Dawson Dental Centre we believe in telling our patients the truth, so here it is: THEY DIDN’T BUY IT!

Your dentist and favorite hygienist can tell how often and how well you floss based on the overall appearance and health of your mouth. While your dental team was trying to be nice, they’ve called your bluff. Did you know that brushing your teeth only allows you to clean 3 of the 5 surfaces on each tooth? So, here’s top 3 reasons to start flossing daily.

1. Cavities –  When you don’t floss the bacteria left in between your teeth will breakdown or weaken your teeth causing a cavity, tooth decay and ultimately another visit to the dental team.

2. Bad Breath – Ever wonder what the cause of bad breath is? Well chances are it is  the popcorn from that hot date last weekend or meal you ate over a month ago. Those leftover food particles hang out and breakdown causing bad odour.

3. Gum Disease –  Only you can prevent it! Flossing is the number 1 prevention aid for gum disease and if you continue not to floss, time will only tell and you may develop Periodontal disease.

Ontario Dentist Zoom Whitening Discount OfferBonus:  With the wedding season starting, the photo opportunities will be endless. Whitening and brightening your smile is one way to be camera ready all the time. Flossing daily will aid in the effectiveness of the teeth whitening. This is because the whitening gel will be able to get in between each tooth. If you are looking for a whiter smile this summer act now and you’ll save 50% on our in-office Zoom! whitening treatment.

Dawson Dental Centre Team members are knowledgeable, caring and have 18+ locations across Ontario including dentists in Toronto, Waterloo, Aurora and more. We offer General & Cosmetic Dentistry services such as teeth whitening, dental implants, Invisalign invisible braces and dental veneers. New patients are always warmly welcome!

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