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White Fillings

Have you ever looked at photos of yourself, perhaps you are laughing, mouth open and all you can see are grey fillings? Have you ever had a hot coffee or a scoop of cold ice cream and felt sensitivity within your filled teeth? This happens due to a lack of bond or seal between the silver filling and the tooth. Plainly put, the silver filling acts as a place holder of where your natural tooth structure once was. A lump of metal that does not flex and move with your tooth. Rather, it creates stress fractures under and around the filling as the metal reacts to hot and cold temperature changes.

Have you ever walked by a metal building in the hot sun? You would have heard the metal tinging and moving as it contracts and expands with the heat. Similar with the cold temperatures as well. Your silver metal fillings are not all that different from a metal roof tinging in the summer heat. This is what causes your teeth to break or walls of the tooth to eventually break away when there are large silver fillings present. The metal simply does not flex and react the same as the natural tooth.

With the advancements made in dentistry every single day, the white fillings, or resin fillings are a fantastic, healthy alternative to the metal grey fillings of the past! The tooth is prepared by removing any decay. The prepared portion of the tooth is further prepared by placing a bonding agent to allow the resin to be securely placed with no leakage underneath the filling. The resin is carefully layered into the missing portion of your tooth. The material is bonded in place and the material hardened or cured chairside. If you have ever had a white filling placed you may remember a blue light being used. This will allow patients to eat and drink directly after the filling has been completed as the material is in its final state.

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