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Dentistry for People with Developmental Disabilities

According to a recent study at the Tufts University School of Dental Medicine, people with developmental disabilities face an increased risk of oral health problems. Using over 4,700 people with these disabilities had a higher likelihood of untreated cavities and periodontitis as follows:

General Population Study Sample (4,700 people with developmental disabilities)
Untreated cavities 22.7 32.2
Periodontitis 47.36 80.3
Edontulism (have lost at least some teeth) 7.6 10.9

These individuals have more trouble managing their oral health than the average person because they might not be able to hold onto a toothbrush with a normal-size handle, might not understand how to brush their teeth and often need continuous reinforcement to keep brushing and flossing.

If you are having difficulty seeking dental care for someone with a developmental disability, Dawson Dental provides dentistry asleep for adults and children. For adults, we also provide oral conscious sedation to help our patients relax during treatment. Reserve a free dental consultation online today for more details.

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