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Do Implants Prevent Jaw Bone Loss?

Do Cosmetic Dental Implants Prevent Jaw Bone Loss?

A dental implant is a type of artificial replacement for the root part of a given tooth. Once the implant has been inserted, over time it will fuse to the bone. Once this occurs, a replacement tooth or crown can be fitted to the implant. There are many benefits to dental implants over traditional means of replacing teeth. Appearance wise, they are very natural looking. You will also feel an increased sense of confidence and look much more youthful. You can also carry on with activities like eating and brushing as you normally would. Further, with proper care, dental implants have been known to last a lifetime.

The Effects of Missing Teeth:

Aside from concerns about how missing teeth can affect your appearance, which can also go on to cause profound psychological effects, missing teeth can also cause significant other health problems.

One of the most serious problems of having missing teeth is bone loss. A lack of stimulation from teeth causes loss of alveolar bone. In fact, as soon as teeth are lost, the face begins to age at an accelerated rate. Over the course of one year, the width of bone decreases by 25 percent after tooth loss.

This cycle causes loss of lip support and loss of gum tissue, which can make it difficult to chew and speak. As alveolar bone continues to wither away, the jawbone also begins to lose strength and will eventually wither away, too. This is because the jawbone is no longer being used to support teeth. This can cause severe problems to your facial structure. In fact, jaw bone loss can cause the lower third of the face to essentially collapse. Cheeks will appear hollow and jaw fractures become more likely.

Do Cosmetic Dental Implants Prevent Jaw Bone Loss?

Cosmetic dental implants prevent jaw bone loss. They do this by stimulating the natural bone and thus prevent further bone loss. In fact, when it comes to loss of teeth, dental implants offer the only method to prevent jaw bone loss and restore facial structure compared to dental implant alternatives such as dentures.

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