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The Importance Of A Night Guard For Bruxism

Do You Need To Wear Your Night Guard For Bruxism Every Night?

A night guard can help to protect your teeth from erosion and the pain caused by bruxism. For those who have been diagnosed with bruxism by their dental professional, it’s imperative to ensure the right product for nighttime protection. One of the leading questions patients have when addressing their bruxism requirements is “Do I need to wear my night guard every night?”. Within this post, we’ll answer this important question and address further concerns for patients with challenging bruxism related issues.

Only Persistent Wear Will Prevent Damage

Unfortunately, night guards only work to prevent tooth damage and reduce instances of tooth grinding. If you wear the night guards one night, but not the next and continue this pattern over the long-term, you might slow the pace of the tooth damage slightly, but damage will still occur. It’s the reason it’s so important to wear the night guard each night, as recommended by your dental health professional.

Further Steps can Help Bring Nighttime Comfort

In addition to wearing your mouth guard to prevent the symptoms of bruxism, you can take further steps to ensure your comfort during those nights when sleeping can be a challenge. Below are several steps you can take to further your comfort as you try to sleep while wearing your night guard:

  • Build a comfortable sleep environment

    A leading reason why so many people with bruxism are unable to sleep with their night guard is that they don’t have the optimal sleep environment. Try to make your bedroom as cool as possible, and limit the distractions around you. You’ll be surprised how much better you sleep without a laptop light by your dresser or a cell phone making noises throughout the evening.

  • Sleep in a new position

    Many people find sleeping in a certain position uncomfortable when using their night guard. If you’ve tried sleeping on your back, with little success, try sleeping on your side. You may find sleeping in a new position helps you to achieve full comfort during the night.

  • Reduce stress levels

    When you’re stressed in the evening time, the stress can impact your sleep patterns. Try relaxing during the later hours of the day by reading a book and drinking some herbal tea. You’ll soon find you’re able to drift off quickly.

Our trusted dental health providers are available now to answer your questions and help guide you on your bruxism treatment options. To learn more, call our office team today.

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