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Does Aloe Vera Reduce Mouth Sores?

Does Aloe Vera Reduce Mouth Sores?

Mouth sores are very common. They can appear on any soft tissue in the mouth, including the lips, cheeks, gums, tongue or the roof of your mouth. Mouth sores can include canker sores as well as mouth ulcers. Although they generally only last a week or two, they can be indicative of more serious health conditions such as an infection, herpes simplex virus or even mouth cancer. Symptoms of mouth sores include redness and pain when both eating or drinking. Depending on the extent of these mouth sores, they can also make it difficult to swallow, talk or even breathe.

What Causes Mouth Sores?

Mouth sores can have a myriad of causes, ranging from every-day issues to more serious ones. Mouth sores can be caused when one bites their tongue or cheek; it can be caused by burning your mouth or when you have irritated your mouth with sharp objects such as retainers or dentures. Similarly, if you brush your teeth too hard, mouth sores can also occur. Sometimes, mouth sores are a reaction to various medication, both over-the-counter and prescription. More serious causes of mouth sores include having the herpes simplex virus or mouth cancer.

How to Treat Mouth Sores:

Mouth sores usually go away on their own within 10 days to two weeks. However, it is not uncommon for them to persist for up to six weeks. As mouth sores can be painful, it is beneficial to take the following measures to make them heal faster and reduce pain.

  • Make Use of the Aloe Vera Plant.

    Although aloe has been used for 2000 years to treat skin issues, it is now being used as a way to treat oral health problems. Aloe vera, whether applied topically or taken in a juice form, has been shown to increase healing time as well as reduce pain for canker sores, cold sores and mouth ulcers.

    It is particularly beneficial, however, to use fresh aloe vera gel from the actual plant itself. Slice off the outer part of the aloe vera leaf and take out the gel. Simply use a Q-tip or cotton ball to apply the gel to your mouth sore. Repeat this for several days until your sores heal. This is a very natural and inexpensive way to treat mouth sores.

In the meantime, avoid consuming hot, spicy and citrus-based foods, as well as alcohol and tobacco.

You can prevent mouth sores by following good dental hygiene habits as well as avoiding spicy and hot foods and taking a vitamin B supplement. It is also important to eat a balanced diet, drink a lot of water and limit your consumption of alcohol. Contact our team of professionals at Dental Dawson for a dental cleaning today.

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