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10 Famous Faces Who’ve Worn Braces

Having trouble convincing your kids – or yourself – to bite the bullet and get braces?

Well, it should come as no surprise that a lot of celebrities weren’t born with their mega watt smiles. They either had braces as teenagers or did some fine-tuning later in life. Plus, since the introduction of Invisalign® Invisible Braces over 10 years ago, plenty of famous faces have been able to improve their smiles and the hordes of flash-bulb popping paparazzi hardly even noticed.

Famous Faces Who Wore Braces When They Were Young

Prince Harry

Before: Prince Harry Braces Before After: Prince-Harry-Braces-After

As a teenager, Prince Harry was often photographed wearing a set of braces. He recently announced plans that will certainly make his teeth chatter – he’s planning to trek to the South Pole with wounded veterans this November in the Walking with the Wounded South Pole Allied challenge.

Drew Barrymore


In the spotlight as a child actress, she got braces at an early age. Today, this long time CoverGirl spokesperson has plenty to smile about. She recently launched her own makeup line called Flower at Walmart with the tagline ‘Love the way you look.’

Miley Cyrus

Before: Miley-Cyrus-Braces After: Miley Cyrus Braces After

Miley rhymes with Smiley. Not surprisingly, she made sure she had a great smile as a teenager by getting braces. But seeing as she was playing Hannah Montana at the time, she chose to wear lingual braces behind

her teeth so they wouldn’t be noticeable. Once they were straight, Cyrus also reportedly got dental veneers to keep her extra-smiley.

Emma Watson

Emily Watson Before & After Braces

Before she became well known as Hermione Granger in Harry Potter, Emma Watson got her magical smile wearing braces.

Niall Horan

Before & After Photos: Niall Horan Before Braces Niall Horan After Braces

Nineteen-year-old singer Niall Horan from the boyband One Direction just got his braces off in early April 2013. His dazzling smile is sure to set even more young hearts aflutter.

Famous Faces Who Had Braces As Adults

Tom Cruise

Before: Tom Cruise Before Braces After: Tom Cruise After Braces

In 2002, Tom Cruise improved his famous smile by wearing (mostly) invisible braces (such as the well-known Invisalign braces) with ceramic brackets. With the launch of his latest sci-fi film Oblivion that has been topping weekend box office gross sales, all memories of him ever wearing braces are now in oblivion as well. If you’re wondering if invisible braces are right for you, check out our post 7 Common Questions (& Answers) About Invisalign Invisible Braces.

Gwen Stefani

Before: Gwen Stefani With Braces After: Gwen Stefani After Braces

When the singer started wearing braces in 1999, she claimed it was just a style choice. She later admitted to Access Hollywood that she had always wanted them as a child, but “I could afford them at that point, and that’s when I went and got them.”

Nicholas Cage

Nicholas Cage Before & After Braces

Nicholas Cage, who turns 50 next year, recently voiced the animated action film The Croods about a prehistoric family leaving cave life behind. What you don’t see on screen is his smile which he had fixed when he was 39. He was photographed at the 55th Annual Writers Guild Awards March 8, 2003 in Beverly Hills, California wearing silver braces on his lower teeth. He was quoted as saying “I’m in between movies right now and I want to get them”.

Faith Hill

Faith Hill with Braces

At the Grammy Awards in February of this year, Faith Hill was seen sporting a set of braces. The 45-year-old country star was honest about why she’d gotten them.

“I had braces as a kid. And I forgot to wear my retainer,” she confessed. “Kids, wear your retainer!”

Faye Dunaway

Before: Faye Dunaway With Braces After: Fay Dunaway After Braces

The Academy Award-winning actress, who is now 72 years of age, didn’t let age stop her. At the age of 61, she helped maintain her glamorous image by getting braces. When the braces came off, she had dental veneers put on.

Clearly, a new smile never gets old … and you’re never too old to get a new smile.

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