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Dental Implants and Fellowship Status

In Canada and all over the world, people are suffering from tooth loss for reasons such as tooth decay, gum disease or injury.  For many years, the go-to solution for tooth replacement included bridges or dentures, but today, people are looking for more reliable, long term solutions.


Dental implants have become a very popular and practical choice for tooth replacement for many reasons.  Unlike a bridge, a dental implant does not require reduction or alteration to the surrounding teeth during the replacement process.  Dental implants are also more convenient to clean around, allowing for improved oral hygiene and long term oral health.

What you need to know when considering dental implants:

When considering dental implant treatment, it is important to know your provider’s credentials.  The governing body for Dentists in Ontario has clearly laid out what additional education and training is required for a dentist to place implants.  However, after the additional training is complete, a dentist has the opportunity to further demonstrate their competency by applying for Fellowship Status.


At Dawson Dental we have a number professional dental implant providers that have placed hundreds of successful implants. These providers are working towards earning their fellowship status.

What is Fellowship Status?

In order to become a Fellow, a dentist must demonstrate their superior proficiency in dental implant placement and restoration through a significant number of successful cases and continuing education initiatives.


We are happy to say that Dr. Edward Gelfand and Dr. Derek Grundy, of Grundy Family Dental Care, have both earned their Fellowship with the ICOI.

Dr Grundy_Dental ImplantsReturns at tax time

Did you know that at tax time you may be eligible for a return of up to 20% on your total implant investment from Canada Revenue Agency’s medical expense tax credit?

Book your free dental implant consultation today with Dr. Gelfand and to learn more about how dental implants might help you regain your best quality of life.

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