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Four Reasons to use your Dental Benefits

You’ve spent the whole year paying into your insurance.  You’ve worked hard and earned your dental benefits, so don’t let them slip away without using them before the end of 2014.

expiredmoney1. Yearly Maximums
Your dental plan gives you a maximum of what can be spent on your dental care on an annual basis. Often these maximums reset at the end of the calendar year and any remaining amount will be lost.

2. Premiums
If you are paying into dental benefits, you should be taking advantage of them!  This sounds simple but there are many people that do not use their dental benefits and allow their insurance company to pocket their money.

3. Fee Increases
It is always possible that fees will be raised to accommodate the cost of living or increased material costs.  An increase in fees can also raise your annual out of pocket payment.

4.  Problems Only Get Worse Over Time
Another reason to use your dental benefits is the risk of more extensive and expensive treatment down the road.  What may require a simple filling now could require root canal therapy if given too much time.

Because it is such a busy time of year and schedules fill up fast. Call our contact centre or reserve your appointment online before December 31st to get the most out of your hard-earned insurance benefits and the most convenient time for you.

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