Hanover – Dr. Sahib Maallah, BDS

Dr. Sahib developed his passion for dentistry through early exposure at the dentist. As a teenager with malocclusion, he started visiting the dentist regularly to realign his teeth. This was the starting point for his dental exposure, which inspired him to soon after pursue a career in dentistry. Dr. Sahib is known for his gentle touch among his patients through providing oral moderate sedation as he believes that patient’s comfort is of utmost priority.

“Working in Hanover & Lucknow I have come across very friendly people, this I believe comes with working in a small town.”

If you have dental anxiety, Dr. Sahib suggests early morning appointments as they reduce the chances of you dwelling and worrying about the appointment during the day.

“Try to start with a cleaning first to build rapport & trust with your dental team and then proceed gradually to the more complex treatments. Always ask about oral conscious sedation and inform your dentist of any fear or anxiety so that the dental team will help put you at ease. Establish a STOP sign with your dental team, such as raising a hand. This method will make you feel more in control.”