Keswick Woodbine – Dr. Arash Mobini

Dr. Mobini grew up in Toronto and attended York University where he earned a bachelor’s in Kinesiology and Health Sciences. He has always been interested in helping people feel better both mentally and physically and felt that dentistry was the best pathway for him to follow his passion, enabling him to improve people’s health and confidence simultaneously. Before starting dental school at NYU where he received his Doctor of Dental Surgery, he volunteered at a practice to gain a basic understanding of the day to day life of a dentist.

Through his experience, Dr. Mobini has developed a passion for full-coverage crowns, porcelain/composite veneering, and extractions. He has a philosophy of providing care for all; and has participated in multiple outreach care trips to Machias, Maine and Phnom Penh, Cambodia to provide free dental care and education to underprivileged communities.

When he’s not with patients, Dr. Mobini enjoys making music and staying active with sports such as basketball, golf, and soccer.

Born and raised in Iran until the age of 10, he is fluent in both English and Farsi.