Toronto Rosedale – Dr. Carlos Brito, DDS, MSc

Dr. Brito earned his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree in 2007 in Brazil where he worked for five years before moving to Canada. He was accepted for a scholarship at University of Toronto Faculty of Dentistry for a Master of Science program. His research was in cell biology, molecular biology, implant dentistry and periodontology. He was able to publish over 25 articles in the dental field during his graduation time.

Dr. Brito is passionate about Cosmetic Dentistry, Implants, and Invisalign. He strives to keep up to date on all the new technologies and techniques to offer the best to his patients. He always works together with his patients to ensure a comfortable experience with every appointment. This means understanding their limitations and slowly easing them into treatment.

Born in Brazil, Dr. Brito is fluent in Português, Spanish, and English. Growing up, his mom had a dental lab, so he was exposed to the dental field from a young age. His wife and sisters are also dentists.