Waterloo – Dr. Tatari

Raised in a family of doctors, Dr. Tatari truly appreciates being the person who can help alleviate pain and make a difference in patients’ lives. He takes great pride in caring for the oral health of families and wants to ensure a positive experience with every visit. Making his patients feel heard is of utmost importance to him.

Dr. Tatari understands that dental visits can be daunting sometimes, which is why he suggests starting with a simple conversation. Whether via phone or Zoom, he will always take the time to address his patients’ concerns before beginning treatment or even before coming in for their first appointment. When patients can openly communicate with their dentist and understand their options, it eliminates the fear of the unknown and makes for a more comfortable experience.

He is most passionate about oral surgery, including implants, as well as comprehensive smile makeovers through Invisalign or restorative dentistry. Dr. Tatari also enjoys treating kids and believes that when a child feels at ease with their dentist, they are more apt to learn and take a key interest in their oral health.

Dr. Tatari is fluent in English, Arabic, and Armenian.