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Taking Care Of Teeth As You Age

How Older Adults Should Care For Their Teeth

As we age, our bodies have evolving needs. This means that the type of oral health regimen that works for a 20-year-old might not be suitable for a 70-year-old. To help guide older adults and seniors in maintaining their oral health as they age, this post will provide expert guidance on how to care for your teeth in your senior years.

Increase Fluoride Intake

Fluoride can help increase the strength of teeth and protect against bacteria within your mouth. It’s important for you to use a fluoride toothpaste if you’re not already and to consider incorporating a fluoride rinse within your daily oral health care regimen.

Enhance Hydration Levels

As we age, we often have to increase our medication. This can mean that seniors suffer from issues related to dry mouth due to the pills they take. To help mitigate this problem, it’s important for seniors and older adults to enhance the amount of water they drink on a daily basis. To help them remain hydrated throughout the day, it’s also important for older adults to reduce their alcohol consumption, as alcohol intake can lead to dehydration over time.

Watch for Signs of Oral Care Issues Daily

For older adults, it’s critical to watch out for signs of oral health issues and to inspect teeth and gums daily. This is because a small oral health problem might lead to larger issues in a short span of time. Look out for issues such as sharp pains in teeth, as well as the darkening colour of teeth, as these could both indicate significant health issues.

Increase Regularity of Dentist Visits

Oftentimes there aren’t easy ways to notice an oral health issue when it arises. This means it’s important for seniors to visit their dentist more regularly to ensure any problems are quickly rectified. Instead of seeing the dentist for a checkup every six months, consider visiting every four months to ensure that if a problem does arise, it can be resolved quickly by the dentist and their team.

Proactive maintenance can help older adults retain their oral health. Our trusted specialists are here to help guide you on your oral health requirements as you age. To learn more on this subject, or book an appointment with the dentist, call our offices today.

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