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An Expert Guide On Teeth Grinding

How To Stop Grinding Your Teeth

While teeth grinding might not seem like a serious issue at first, it’s important to understand the impact the problem can have on your oral health. Those who grind their teeth could be causing serious damage to their jawbone, gums, and teeth. Within this latest post, we’ll examine the issue in greater detail as we highlight how to stop grinding your teeth.

  1. Cut Back on Caffeine

    Caffeine is known to agitate the nervous system and has been linked with instances of teeth grinding. In order to reduce your teeth grinding problems and even prevent grinding over the coming years, you might try cutting down on the amount of caffeine you consume by cutting back on coffee and pop.

  2. Eliminate Sources of Stress

    Stress is one of the most common reasons people around the world grind their teeth. Stressful situations in your home life or at work can cause you to worry well into the evening, leading you to clench your jaw and grind your teeth as your body is resting. Try to eliminate any potential sources of stress within your life, and then see whether you’re still suffering the same oral health issues in the weeks afterward.

  3. Get Fitted for a Mouth Guard

    If you’ve tried several solutions and you still cannot prevent yourself from grinding your teeth, you might look into having a mouth guard fitted by an oral health professional. The guard will prevent you from creating contact between your upper and lower teeth as you sleep, keeping you from grinding them and allowing you to build healthy sleep patterns over time.

  4. Stop Stress Chewing

    Another common reason people grind their teeth at night is that they stress chew during the day. A common example is chewing at the end of a pen or pencil, which brings a sense of comfort to frayed nerves. If you know this is one of your habits, try to avoid chewing on these objects and stick to items meant for healthy chewing, such as sugar-free gum.

  5. Consider Adding Calcium or Magnesium Supplements to Your Diet

    Calcium and magnesium can work to help you retain healthy nerve function in your body. Those people with a depletion of these important nutrients will find they experience muscle and nerve challenges. Try adding both calcium and magnesium to your everyday diet to reduce your stress levels over time.

By learning more about the reasons behind your teeth grinding issues and coordinating your approach to the issue with a trusted oral health specialist, you can recover from long-running teeth grinding challenges. To learn more about this topic, speak with our team today!

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