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Use These Essential Oils To Calm Dental Anxiety

How Using Essential Oils Can Help Prevent Dental Appointment Anxiety

The latest data shows that essential oils can help you overcome your fear of going to the dentist, and even help you mitigate the pain of the dental treatment process. This is a significant boost to those who have suffered dental hygeine issues as a result of their dental treatment fear. To help guide you in choosing essential oils for managing treatment anxiety, this latest post will take a closer look at the available options.

Lavender Essential Oils Assure Substantial Pain Relief

It’s important to recognize the value that lavender oil can have as part of the dental treatment process. Many patients have recently undergone lavender aromatherapy as a means to mitigate pain issues associated with their treatment. The aromatherapy process not only helps relax patients and put them in a good mood, it also offers a high level of pain relief.

Rose Oil Calms the Nerves

Rose oil is also known for its relaxing properties. The product has been shown to help reduce anxiety and panic attacks and can help patients feel at peace. In the days leading up to the dental appointment, rose oil can be used around the home to provide a calm and comforting environment in which patients will feel settled and better able to take on their daily challenges.

Orange Oil Can Reduce Stress

The latest data highlights the value that taking orange essential oil prior to going for dental treatment can have for the patient. The oil works to soothe nerves and calm anxiety associated with the appointment. Indeed, studies also show that not only can orange oil sooth nerves, it can also help lift a patient’s mood. This means that patients can begin to achieve complete comfort by using orange oil on the day of their treatment.

Applications for Essential Oils

While it’s clear that essential oils can play an important role in helping mitigate some of the fear involved in going to the dentist, it’s important to know how to use the oils to ensure comfort. One option is to put a drop of either orange or lavender essential oil on a scarf as the patient travels to the dentist. Another option is to set up an essential oil diffuser in the patient’s vehicle that fills it with the calming scent of the oil.

Our expert team can help you capitalize on the latest knowledge about essential oils to calm your treatment nerves! To learn more on the benefits of essential oils, call our offices today!

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