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Oral Cancer Screening

Oral Cancer Screening – Price Decrease

We have oral cancer screening exam technology that dramatically improves our ability to screen for oral abnormalities that could lead to cancer. Early detection is essential to increase chances for successful treatment, so we always check your whole mouth (tongue, lips, cheek lining, and gums).

Our easy and non-invasive screening tool helps us to see what we can’t see with the unaided eye during your routine oral cancer checkup. For this easy exam, you’ll rinse vigorously with a vinegary-tasking solution for 30-60 seconds. After rinsing, we’ll dim the lights and look inside your mouth with a special light that looks much like a glow-stick.

Because the chemiluminescent technology will highlight any surface irregularities including normal scarring from chewing or rubbing on your gums or cheek, we mark everything down on a map or atlas of your mouth which gives us a baseline for future reference. The entire procedure takes only about ten minutes, but is worth a lifetime!

We have reduced the price of this exam are only $39.97 so it is affordable for all of our patients, especially those who are at risk. Please ask our hygienist at your next visit for your own screening.

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