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Growing up with Newmarket Dentist Dr. Meyer

Growing Up with a Dentist as a Parent

I suppose I should introduce myself.  My name is Eden and I am Dr. Jo-Anne Meyer’s daughter.

Aurora, Newmarket DentistDid you know that today is “Take your kid to work day”?  For my assignment, I decided to spend the day with my mom and her team at Dawson Dental Centre in Newmarket. Throughout the day, I was tasked with: editing doctor biographies, drafting social media posts, reconciling Google Ad words and writing the weekly blog.

As you might expect, growing up with a dentist as a parent certainly has pros and cons; I thought it would be fun to draw from my own experiences for this post!


  • My brother and I always had the best tooth brushes
  • We had guaranteed professional help when pulling out our loose teeth
  • Mom always knew what to do when you had a tooth ache or a loose tooth
  • She helped me a lot with my braces whenever they hurt or broke
  • She has the best patient stories (no names of course) – everything from those afraid to those that love the dentist, sometimes even a bit too much.
  • My grandparents have the best care


  • We could not tell little white lies about brushing our teeth at least twice a day!
  • Flossing at least once a day, every day, is a must
  • It’s SO hard to sneak sugar by her
  • We’re only allowed soda on special occasions and never very much of it
  • Halloween was the only time for candy
  • Sugar-free gum ONLY.  Sugar-free is nothing like the real stuff!
  • Mini dental appointments whenever she felt like it


Today I got to see what my mother does every day at Dawson Dental.  I got to meet a lot of my mother’s co-workers and learn more about communications and marketing.  I even got to write my first ever blog about my experience with bring your kid to work day at Dawson Dental!  Before writing this, I had never really thought about the pros and cons of having a parent as a dentist.  Even with all the cons, I love my mother very much!  I’m just not crazy about her job…
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