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How to Switch Dentists

How to Make the Switch

Some patients are understandably hesitant to switch dentists, but it happens frequently for a variety of reasons and need not be a stressful event. In fact, it’s as simple as signing a release form with your new dentist. We’ve provided a quick guide below to help manage your expectations:

Ask Us for a Release Form

To transfer your dental health information from your previous dentist, you will need to sign a release form with your new dentist. This will not require you to contact your previous dental office.

The release form will describe the transfer process and give your current dentist permission to present private medical information to your new dentist. This is a legal process that the vast majority of dental practices undertake in order to keep your health information secure and to mitigate issues with lost records.

Let Us Know When We Should Expect Your Records

Next, you’ll need to inform your new dentist that they should expect to receive your records in the coming days. Your dentist can then notify you when they’ve received the records.

You’ll be able to schedule an appointment as long as the fax is received from the previous provider before the appointment. It’s important for your new dentist to have this information simply because they need answers to basic questions about your oral health contained in these records.

What Does Your First Appointment Look Like?

Once the files have been transferred and your new dentist has had the opportunity to review your health information, you’ll have your first dental visit. It’s important that you know what to expect during this appointment so that you can be prepared to provide the necessary information your new dentist will ask for.

Most times, the first step the dentist will take will be to conduct a new patient exam which may include dental x-rays. These x-rays will help your dentist diagnose any oral health challenges you’re experiencing and set the right treatment plan in motion.

You can streamline the process of switching from your previous dentist by working effectively with your new dentist and ensuring all forms and personal health information are available. They will then be able to provide the proper treatment to help you achieve your oral health goals.

To learn more about the process of switching from one dentist to another, speak with our trusted team today.