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Finally, your braces have come off. HOORAY! Now your teeth are amazingly straight, perfect and just plain gorgeous … and they feel so smooth. Now you want to keep them that way, right? That’s where the retainer comes in. Teeth are supported by living tissue so they'll continue to move throughout your lifetime. If you want them to stay set in their beautiful new position, wearing a retainer helps prevent them from shifting back to where they once were. It doesn't matter whether you had metal braces, clear ones or removable Invisalign™ braces. If you want your amazing teeth to stay in their perfect place, you need to wear a retainer.

But for how long?

At Dawson Dental, we recommend that after you get your braces off, you wear your retainer day and night for at least 3 to 6 months, then you may be able to switch to just night time wear for at least one year. Some dentists will recommend that you wear a retainer for at least as long as you had the braces on. Vivera clear retainer To maintain your movie star smile, we suggest wearing your retainer three times per week … for the rest of your life. Sounds harsh? If you don't want your teeth to shift or avoid ever