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Confident-smileAre you hesitant to smile because you don't like your teeth? Perhaps you're missing a tooth, have gaps between your teeth, or they're crooked. Maybe one too many glasses of red wine, cups and cups of coffee, or smoking cigarettes have left your teeth stained or not as sparkling white as you'd like them to be. Feeling embarrassed about your teeth can seriously impact your self-confidence. You may be reluctant to speak up in public, laugh out loud, or flash a big smile for the camera … just because your pearly whites aren't so pearly.    

Well now's the time to consider your options so you can start smiling again.

Dawson Dental specializes in transforming smiles. We have a number of procedures that can be performed to enhance your smile, your self-esteem, and your personal success. Often we can even improve your smile in just a few days! Ask us about our one-week Smile Makeover.

Okay, we know that a visit to the dentist is probably not at the top of your list of favourite things to do … but it's certainly not something to avoid. At Dawson Dental we have dentists across Ontario from Toronto dentists to Cambridge dentists who pride themselves on making your visits as enjoyable as possible. Plus, modern dentistry has made such strides over the years that a large percentage of our regular dental care procedures cause little to no discomfort. But unfortunately some myths and misconceptions still prevail. So let's take a moment to set the record straight.

1. Getting a cavity filled hurts

Fill your tooth cavity at a dentist

Modern technology that's used in most dental offices has improved so much that common dental procedures like filling a cavity are no longer a big deal or an uncomfortable process. For people who are really afraid of pain, you can choose to have sedation dentistry. At Dawson Dental we offer various forms of sedation depending on your level of comfort.  

2. You can get rid of any stain by whitening or cleaning

Whiten your teeth at a dentist A lot of things can stain your teeth, but not all of them will disappear with a professional cleaning or tooth-whitening procedure. Tobacco, coffee and foods that turn teeth yellow or brown can often be removed easily. For stains that don't respond well to whitening or cleaning, we often recommend porcelain dental veneers to fix stained or discoloured teeth.  

3. The more you brush, the better your teeth will be

toothbrushes Over-brushing your teeth does more harm than good. The toothpaste can wear down