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The 25 Worst Foods For Teeth

The 25 Worst Foods For Your Teeth

By understanding more on the ideal diet for optimal dental health, you can minimize the damage to your teeth on a daily basis. It’s important to learn more on the impact common food and drink items are having on your teeth and gums, and so our expert team presents a quick guide to the 25 worst foods for your teeth.

  1. Soda

    Study after study links soda with cavities. It’s time to switch to a glass of water for that quick quench of your thirst between meals.

  2. Citrus Fruit

    Citrus fruits contain large amounts of acid, which can damage your teeth’s enamel. Switch to bananas or apples when you want to snack on fruit.

  3. Crackers

    Crackers contain refined carbohydrates that break down into sugar, causing immense damage to teeth and gums!

  4. Dried Fruits

    Most dried fruits are not only high in sugar, but also sticky! They can cause significant damage to teeth if you don’t brush well after eating.

  5. Vinegar

    The latest data shows you have an increased chance of enamel erosion if you consume vinegar.

  6. Pickles

    The vinegar and acid content within pickles can cause significant gum problems and enamel erosion over time.

  7. Tomatoes

    Tomatoes contain a high amount of acid, and so while they’re healthy for you to eat, you might have to brush extensively after consuming them.

  8. Breath Mints

    That breath mint before a big meeting might keep your breath smelling sweet, but because it stays in your mouth it coats your teeth in sugar over time! Switch the mint for a healthy breath enhancement option, such as apples.

  9. Caffeinated Beverages

    Caffeine can dry out your mouth and allow bacteria inside. Coffees and black tea can also stain your teeth.

  10. Chips

    Potato chips might seem like the ideal snack, but they can fragment into small pieces that remain in your mouth for longer than you’d think. Make sure your floss after you eat chips.

  11. Alcohol

    Alcohol is known to cause dehydration and dry mouth—two of the leading challenges to oral health. Try to limit alcohol consumption, and follow a night at the bar with lots of water to avoid oral health issues.

  12. Sports Drinks

    Sports drinks are high in sugar content, which can lead to the damaging of teeth and gums for those who consume these products regularly.

  13. Corn-on-the-Cob

    Corn on the cob can be damaging for those who have dentures, and can lead to tooth cracking for even the healthiest of teeth.

  14. Pasta Sauce

    Our teeth are vulnerable to dark-coloured foods. And so, red pasta sauce can stain the enamel in a short period of time.

  15. Lemonade

    Lemonade products often contain large amounts of sugar. Combined with citric acid, this sugar content can be highly damaging.

  16. Popcorn

    Those small sharp pieces of popcorn can find themselves lodged between teeth and cause gum irritation. Consider a healthier snack for the next movie.

  17. White Bread

    Simple sugars from white bread will dissolve quickly inside your mouth. Switch to brown bread to protect your oral health.

  18. Curries

    Heavily pigmented food such as curries can have a negative impact on oral health, staining teeth and allowing bacteria to develop inside the mouth.

  19. Hard Candy

    Hard candy is difficult to chew and will release harsh sugars in your mouth if you suck it over time.

  20. Ice

    Chewing ice is one of the leading causes of tooth damage. Try to avoid placing whole ice cubes in your mouth when you reach for that drink.

  21. Peanut Butter and Jelly

    It might be considered a North American staple food, but peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are damaging to oral health. The high sugar content and the stickiness of the ingredients is a terrible combination.

  22. Canned Fruit

    In addition to dried fruit, canned fruit can also have a negative impact on your oral health. Canned fruits are infused with a significant amount of added sugar and preservatives that can impact your teeth and gums.

  23. Sour Candies

    Sour candies are particularly bad for you because they contain high amounts of sugar and they’re exceptionally sticky.

  24. Red Wine

    While most alcohol has a negative impact on the teeth, red wine also contains tannins that can stain your pearly whites and erode your enamel.

  25. Beets

    Beets are known to stain clothing—they can also break down the enamel on your teeth and cause lasting stains on your teeth and gums.

By limiting your consumption of the foods and drinks highlighted in this post, you can do your part to achieve optimal oral health in the long-term! To learn more, call our office team today.

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