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The Benefits Of A Beautiful Smile On Your Confidence

Confident-smileAre you hesitant to smile because you don’t like your teeth? Perhaps you’re missing a tooth, have gaps between your teeth, or they’re crooked. Maybe one too many glasses of red wine, cups and cups of coffee, or smoking cigarettes have left your teeth stained or not as sparkling white as you’d like them to be.

Feeling embarrassed about your teeth can seriously impact your self-confidence. You may be reluctant to speak up in public, laugh out loud, or flash a big smile for the camera … just because your pearly whites aren’t so pearly.



Well now’s the time to consider your options so you can start smiling again.

Dawson Dental specializes in transforming smiles. We have a number of procedures that can be performed to enhance your smile, your self-esteem, and your personal success. Often we can even improve your smile in just a few days! Ask us about our one-week Smile Makeover.

Check out these before and after photos:

Invisalign Before & After   Snap On Smile Before & After

Get Braces No One Can See

If your dentist recommends you get braces to straighten your teeth, be sure to look into Invisalign® Invisible Braces – the virtually invisible way to straighten your teeth without orthodontic wires or brackets. All the work is barely noticeable to others because you’re moving your teeth into place using a series of clear, removable aligners.

>>Check out Invisalign®

Make Your Smile Bright & White

The easiest way to clean stained or discoloured teeth is with Zoom!® In-Office Teeth Whitening. This professional tooth whitening procedure is safe, effective and very fast. In just one hour, your teeth will be dramatically whiter.

>>Look into Zoom!® In-Office Whitening

Boosting your confidence can be as simple as making a change to your teeth. Whether it’s getting a whiter smile or fixing crooked, spaced or missing teeth. Find out just how easy that can be by visiting one of our Dawson Dental Centres today.


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