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The Tooth Fairy

What does the tooth fairy leave under your kid’s pillow? Everyone knows losing baby teeth is part of the transition into adolescence, and putting those precious baby teeth under a pillow for the Tooth Fairy has become a popular trend similar to Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny.

dentist, tooth fairy Children often start losing their baby teeth around the age of 5-6.  As each tooth falls out, the child will put the tooth under their pillow, sometimes in a special box or bag, and go to sleep.  In the morning, the child will wake to find their tooth gone and a monetary gift magically put in its place by the Tooth Fairy.  A recent poll of Dawson Dental patients showed that most children receive between $1 -$5 per tooth, with the national average at $3.70.  In some households, it is reported that the Tooth Fairy leaves a larger amount for the first tooth than any of the subsequent teeth.

The exact origins of the Tooth Fairy differ depending on which country you are in, but teething rituals in general have been around for thousands of years.  Some cultures believed that you needed to burn lost teeth because a witch could use them to put a curse on you.  Others believed that if you fed your teeth to an animal, your new tooth would grow in resembling that of the animal.  It was common to feed teeth to mice as it was thought that mice teeth were straight and strong.

What does the tooth fairy look like?The Tooth Fairy as it is today did not develop until the early 1900’s, but unlike Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy’s appearance is still up to the child’s own imagination.  Many interpretations have been shown in books and movies, sometimes including wings and fairy dust, a magic wand and special powers.  No matter what the tooth fairy looks like, it is still a cute custom for those young, and young at heart.  It is also a good excuse to teach children about their oral health, and the importance of brushing twice a day and flossing once a day. Unfortunately, no one (fairy or human) will leave you money under your pillow once your baby teeth are gone and missing teeth should be replaced with dental implants.

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