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Your Guide To A Comfortable Wisdom Tooth Removal Recovery

Tips For A Smooth Recovery After Wisdom Tooth Removal

Wisdom tooth removal can be a relief for those that have suffered from tooth pain in recent months. But the recovery process is not always simple. It’s important to work with trained oral health professionals to ensure the wisdom tooth removal recovery process goes as smoothly as possible. Our experts have helped thousands of patients streamline their wisdom tooth removal recovery, and so in this post we’ll provide our latest recovery tips.

Rest as Much as Possible

Rest is a fundamental element within the wisdom tooth removal recovery process. It’s highly important that you’re able to relax with your head elevated by pillows. This can help reduce your blood pressure and your stress levels, which will aid in your recovery.

Exercise Your Mouth

While it might be sore after the surgery, it’s important that you open your mouth as much as possible during the recovery process. Exercising your mouth and jaw can prevent any stiffness in the area becoming permanent and can help in improving the circulation in the area, which will be critical to the recovery process.

Rinse your Mouth with Salt Water

During your recovery from the wisdom tooth removal process, you may find you suffer from swelling and some pain in your jaw and gums. While your specialist likely provided some form of pain relief, you should also rinse your mouth with salt water regularly during recovery. This is especially important after eating and will help prevent further problems with swelling.

Use Tea Bags and Gauze

You might find that you experience a small amount of bleeding from the surgical site after your procedure. To help mitigate this process, try to use tea bags and gauze in the area to stem the flow of blood. In order to prevent infection, be sure to remember to replace whichever item you use on a regular basis.

Stick to Soft Foods the Week After Surgery

While you might be getting hungrier the longer your recovery drags on, you’ll find that any contact between food and your teeth in the days after the procedure will be painful. Stick to softer foods such as applesauce, puddings and soft fruits during the first few days after your procedure.

Our trusted team can help you achieve your ideal results from your wisdom tooth removal treatment! To learn more about this process, contact our experts today.

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