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The Best Toothbrush

What Is The Best Toothbrush To Use?

There are a lot of toothbrushes on the market today. That includes everything from manual toothbrushes to electric and powered ones. But with so many to choose from, is there one that is best? Keep in mind that regardless of the type of toothbrush you use, consistency is most important. That means brushing twice a day for two minutes at a time, and flossing once per day.

Manual or Powered Toothbrush?

When electric/powered toothbrushes were first introduced on the market, there wasn’t much of a difference between manual or electric toothbrushes in terms of their results. However, the advancements that electric toothbrushes have made today now have clinical studies to support the idea that some models can remove more plaque, especially plaque that is in hard-to-reach places. Some studies have shown that they are therefore better at fighting against gum disease. However, as long as you are consistent with your manual toothbrush, you can still have good oral health.

Whether you use a manual or electric toothbrush will come down to your personal preference. Both types have their advantages and disadvantages; for example, manual toothbrushes are more convenient and easier to travel with given that they don’t require charging. Electric toothbrushes, on the other hand, are easy to use and may be equipped with additional features such as timers, which can be beneficial.

Sonicare Ultrasonic or Oral B Electric?

When it comes to electric toothbrushes, the Sonicare Ultrasonic and the Oral B Electric are popular choices on the market today. Both toothbrushes are recommended by dentists, but is one better than the other?

The Sonicare Ultrasonic has a brush head that resembles that of a traditional brush head. It claims that it can effectively remove plaque and bacteria via the brush’s ultrasonic vibrations, while the Oral B Electric claims that it cleans your teeth via a rotary motion.

In the end, the Oral B Electric toothbrush wins out over the Sonicare because it doesn’t require a specific technique: the user simply has to touch the surface of his or her teeth with the brush in order for it to be effective. The Sonicare Ultrasonic, on the other hand, requires that you know how to use the proper technique in order for it to be effective.

Keep in mind that when using electric toothbrushes, using too much hand pressure can result in gingival recession. Don’t brush too hard.

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