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Invisalign Invisible Braces Offer Toronto Dentist

What Issues Can Invisalign Correct?

invisalign clear bracesWe all want great looking teeth, yet many people do not feel confident about their smiles.   Feeling insecure about your appearance can be damaging socially and psychologically, so why don’t more people seek treatment for crooked smiles, gaps or crowding?  It turns out that many people are not aware of all the issues that Invisalign can help to correct.

The great news is that Invisalign, the clear, removable straightening device can correct a wide range of dental problems.  Below is a list of the solutions Invisalign can provide.

Fix an Underbite   underbite

An underbite exists when the lower jaw protrudes too far forward in comparison to the upper jaw.  An underbite can be detrimental to both the teeth and the jaw joint.  This problem is most commonly caused by an overgrowth or undergrowth of the jaw, however missing upper teeth can also create an underbite.

Fix an Overbiteoverbite

What people commonly refer to as an “Deep Bite”.  It occurs when the upper front teeth closer too far over the lower front teeth. Overbite can be the result of bad habits, genetics or bone overdevelopment.  No matter what the cause, Invisalign can correct the problem and align your teeth properly.

Fix Gaps Between Teethgapped-teeth

In some individuals, gaps between teeth form when the jaw continues to grow after the teeth have  stopped.  When teeth are further separated from one another than what is common, it can be a source of personal anxiety and can cause oral problems.   Invisalign can fix this problem, heighten your confidence and keep your oral hygiene at its best.

Fix an Open Biteopen-bite

An open bite is often seen in people who sucked their thumbs for a long period of time or have an abnormal jaw structure.  This issue exists when the front teeth do not meet the lower teeth when the jaw is closed or the back teeth are touching.  Long-term, an open bite can create problems when chewing and can even cause speech impairment.

Another Benefit

Children and teens are susceptible to social stigmas, and unfortunately, braces can be a defining social stigma in school.  Invisalign devices help to prevent children and teens from experiencing the embarrassment that can sometimes result from traditional braces.  Everyone should be able to smile or laugh whenever it feels natural!


If you’re suffering from any one of these issues, Invisalign invisible braces at Dawson Dental Centre may be right for you.  Act now and you could save $500 before June 31st at participating locations only. Book your consultation free of charge today. 

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