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Everyday Tools For Ultimate Oral Care

What Tools Can You Use At Home For The Ultimate Oral Care

Nothing beats the clean feeling you get leaving the dental office. The flossing, the brushing, the fluoride treatment, the plaque and tartar removal. It would be nice if you could give yourself this thorough a cleaning every single day. The tools that you see in the dental office can be found outside of the dentist’s office and go a long way to providing you with the best comprehensive oral care possible. Below are 5 great dental tools for home use.

Tooth brush and floss. These are essential parts of both home and professional oral health care. Brushing and flossing should be your first line of oral health defence, brushing twice a day and flossing once.

Dental plaque staining. Dental plaque staining helps you identify spots you may be missing in your daily brushing and flossing routine. After brushing and flossing so many times, the motions become part of our muscle memory and we may not have recorded the most thorough process. A home plaque staining kits often comes with chewable tablets that can be spread on the surface of the teeth and then rinsed with water.

Mouth mirror. Mouth mirrors are also great at showing you areas that you may not be brushing and flossing properly. They are also adept at helping pinpoint areas of discoloration, allowing you to preemptively attack cavities and notify your dentist of something that may not be immediately noticeable to the naked eye without the use of a mirror.

Tongue scraper. Studies have shown that tongue scrapers can reduce the amount of volatile sulphur compounds in your mouth, which are the source of bad breath. These tools dislodge bacteria and fungus that have colonized the surface of your tongue. Firmly dragging the scraper from back to front will remove any unwanted microorganisms and keep your tongue, which is an essential part of your mouth, clean and healthy.

Interdental cleaner. These are brush-like wands that squeeze in between your teeth and other tight spaces. These tools are often recommended to people with braces to help clean out food that has become stuck between their teeth and the metal. Interdental tools are great at dislodging food debris, but are by no means a substitute for regular brushing and flossing.

Having that dentist clean feeling is something that lasts for days. Even if the dentist is not something that you ultimately look forward to, the sensation of having a well looked after mouth certainly should be. You can get that dentist fresh feeling every day by incorporating the above tools into your oral health care regimen and impress the dentist every time you go.

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