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Why It’s Important To Visit Your Dentist Regularly

There are plenty of things in life we know to do regularly that help us stay healthy – like getting a good night’s sleep, eating properly, and getting enough exercise. Another important way to stay healthy is by visiting your dentist regularly. Taking good care of your teeth and keeping your gums healthy goes a long way towards maintaining your overall wellbeing, and preventing more serious health problems down the road.

Many symptoms for certain medical conditions can appear in the mouth. During a routine exam, your dentist can spot signs of vitamin deficiencies, osteoporosis, diabetes or oral cancer.

A regular check-up can also save you money. If you identify and treat minor problems like cavities while they’re still small, you can avoid more complicated and expensive procedures like a root canal therapy or tooth extraction.

How Often? Should we see you every six months?

Every six months is the usual schedule recommended for most patients to keep their teeth clean and healthy. If you have a tendency towards plague build-up or other conditions, your dentist may recommend that you schedule visits more often, such as every four months. Most visits usually include a check-up and a cleaning. Here’s what you can expect:

The Check-up

  • Your dental hygienist will check your mouth, teeth and gums, looking for any signs of gum disease, cavities, loose or broken teeth, a damaged tooth filling or tooth decay.
  • They’ll check to see if there is plaque or tartar on your teeth.
  • Dental X-rays will be taken (usually once per year).

Regular Dental Check ups

The Cleaning

  • Your Dental hygienist will remove any plaque and tartar from your teeth with a scaling tool.
  • Your teeth will be thoroughly cleaned, polished and flossed.
  • Your teeth will feel smooth and super clean.

Between Visits

To keep your teeth and gums healthy between visits and to reduce the amount of plaque and tartar the dental hygienist has to scrape off your teeth, here’s what you can do: brush and floss daily and use a mouth rinse to help get rid of plaque bacteria. Also see 8 reasons to brush your teeth that you might not know about.

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