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What does the opposite sex really want from us when it comes to physical looks?

couple_love_dentist_smileIf you were thinking beaming tan, skinny legs, big arms or a six pack of abs – you’re mistaken.  Research shows that what really gets the hearts of the opposite sex racing is a great smile!

As a Dentist – I read “your smile” as “a healthy set of teeth and gums”!

Despite this fact, we’re ignoring this important element of health and attractiveness increasingly often.  Believe it or not, this ignorance may be costing us in the bedroom!

Animal Instincts and the Human Smile


Photo credit: The Psychology of Wellbeing

As humans, we are in an ongoing struggle to move past our animal instincts.  A bright, white and even set of teeth is often seen as an attractive quality.  Subconsciously, we link a great smile to strong, healthy genetics.

Based on the research findings by PLOS, similarities can be drawn between the way that humans and animals find their mates.  For example, choosing a partner based on the glimmer of their smile follows the same evolutionary principle as the female lion that chooses her mate based on the fullness and darkness of their mane.

A key difference between the different species is what physical trait they judge as important.

How Men React to a Woman’s Smile

A man’s thought process is generally quite straightforward when choosing a female partner.  In a survey conducted by USA today show, results  showed that 58% of men rate teeth as the most important trait in a female, Grammar (55%) and hair (51%) are shown to be the next most popular factors.

Why?  It is because white teeth represent youth – both big checkmarks in the eyes of many men.

Furthermore, a behavioral view shows that men are attracted to females that smile more.  This implies that a woman with a happy demeanor, showing off a nice set of teeth, is often most appealing.

How Women React to a Man’s Smile

Not surprisingly, women are more ambiguous about the way that they judge a smile.  Studies have shown that women are more drawn to a calm, patient man than to a seemly happy one

However, once this initial period of attraction is over, 71% of women name teeth as the number one quality that they find important in a male.  Our evolutionary instincts are at play here to ensure that we choose the best partner – and it isn’t just about avoiding bad breath!

What Does this Mean?

Although it might seem a little bit strange, demonstrating the link between smiles and sex is a reminder of our oral health and how it is often an overlooked aspect of our lives.  A closer look shows that, despite their importance, we are failing miserably at looking after our teeth.

Did you know that one in four adults that you meet on the street have tooth decay, or are developing signs of gum disease?

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