Snoring & Sleep Apnea

Research shows a direct link between sleep apnea (difficulty breathing at night) and the danger of stroke. Usually affecting overweight, middle-aged men, snoring is sleep apnea marked by the cessation of breathing for up to several seconds. Snoring is the result of the tongue falling back and blocking the airway, and while struggling for a breath, the blood pressure goes up and cholesterol that sticks to the arteries can block blood flow to the brain. This may often result in a stroke.


Our dentists use a dental device called The Silencer – used to reposition the lower jaw during sleep. The jaw is gently held in a position forward of the normal biting position and acts to pull the tongue forward and out of the airway. The Silencer is fabricated along the lines of a night guard or an athletic mouth guard just a lot more complex. It is worn at night only.

1.  Function – the appliance works by gently positioning the lower jaw forward.  The distance forward can be changed  subtly to provide more space in the airway as needed.

2.  Comfort – The patented hinge allows for slight jaw movement while asleep, resulting in comfortable and effective long-term therapy.

Top Ten Benefits of Using The Silencer:

1.  Increased Energy & Vitality
2.  Reduced Appetite & Weight loss
3.  Lower Blood Pressure
4.  Less Frequent Morning Headache
5.  Reduced Morning Sore Throat
6.  Minimized Risk of Heart Attack & Stroke
7.  Improved Metabolism
8.  Reduced Daytime Sleepiness
9.  Improved Memory & Mental Acuity
10.Increased Productivity & Motivation

Sleep apnea and snoring are medical conditions for which dentistry is able to offer effective, non-invasive and reversible treatment. It is important to recognize this condition early, treat it effectively and decrease the chance of a stroke, as well as greatly improve the quality of sleep!

A few words from one of our patients…

“About 12 years ago now, I was diagnosed with a medical condition called sleep apnea. It started with constant snoring and progressed to my stopping breathing up to 19 times an hour during sleep. Since that time, I have tried everything from CPAPs, a machine that assists in regulating breathing at night, to surgery in an effort to control this condition.

Five years ago now, I came to Dr. Gelfand, to get fitted for a dental appliance. This device allows for my bottom jaw to be moved forward slightly when the appliance is in place and increases the open-air passage during sleep. This appliance has completely stopped my snoring and has worked to stop my “stop breathing condition” to a manageable 6 times per hour.

I am 49 years old and in fairly good physical condition. For me, this device has improved my sleeping and has allowed me to lead a normal active life without the side- effects that the sleep apnea brought on. Thank you Dr. Gelfand and staff!”

- Dawson Patient

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